Friday, December 3, 2010

Latin endings memory songs

I'm attempting to teach ds9 Latin this year. Yes, I know this is a bit crazy. But I know of gobs of other kids his age, in public and private and home schools, who are starting their 3rd-graders in Latin, so I'm not the only crazy one. :) I hear it will be immensely beneficial to him at some point, *giggle*, but for the time being I'm just looking at it as tool to help him with English vocabulary, and a just plain fun challenge. We're using the Classical Academic Press curriculum, which seems to be a very well-balanced curriculum! I didn't discover this curriculum - I'm simply following the suggestion of my best friend who is teaching this curriculum in her class of 3rd graders this year. But it's a solid enough curriculum that I have no need or inclination to look further for something better.

But that's not my point. I'm getting to my point. :)

Latin is... CONFUSING. For each single word in English, there are some 6 corresponding verbs in 4 possible configurations, or 10 corresponding nouns in 6 different possible configurations - a total of 84 possible word endings. Just reading that sentence is probably enough to make your head spin. Well, the little third graders are supposed to memorize half of those this year. The curriculum I'm using comes with video and audio files of children chanting the words and endings in catchy rhythms, which does help, but songs always help more.

I LOVE memory songs, and ANY time there is something that needs to be memorized, I will search high and low to find a song to memorize it with, and will even write one if necessary. Luckily, having no prior knowledge of Latin, I am SO thankful that some creative people have written some awesome Latin memory songs for me. :)

First up: the Latin verb endings song. Cute video, catchy tune! EASY to memorize with this baby! According to the comments, the pronunciations are off on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th conjugations, but so what, because when all is said and done it's the tune and format that matters. The rest can be sung on your own. Note: this song WILL get stuck in your head, be that good or bad... :)

Second up: the Latin noun endings song, 1st, 2nd-m, and 2nd-n declinations, being sung by a homeschool co-op teacher and her class, to the tune of "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon-5. Talk about creative! The full lyrics are available here. And here is a karaoke version that I took the liberty of chopping all up and rearranging to fit the lyrics, and speeding up to a more comfortable pace. Feel free to borrow!

Third up: for someday in the future, when ds9 will need to know the rest of the noun declinations, here's a cute little ditty that this adorable old man and his daughter wrote and filmed. Lyrics available at the address at the top of the video. I'm so thankful for the creative people out there who put these songs together!

Note: I have SCOURED the internet videos for Latin memory songs. These ARE the best options there are, in video format. Know of any others? Let me know!