Sunday, October 21, 2012

My new favorite thing!

Homeschooling will never be the same for us!  I have discovered 360 Cities - a website that lets you access interactive 360ยบ panorama images of user-submitted locations all over the world!!  The interactive and spherical nature of these images really bring the locations to life and make it feel like you're standing there in person - a night and day difference from a 2D image.  And the way the images are cataloged makes it incredibly easy to search for exactly what or where you're looking for, and you even have the option of clicking on a global map to explore images from any area of your choosing.  The homeschool applications are unending!  Are you studying China's great wall?  Why not try standing on it?!  Or might you be studying geology and cave formation?  Have a look around one for yourself!  You could visit the Louvre, see what it's like inside the engine room of a submarine, pay your respects at Ground Zero, go scuba diving in Egypt, stand on top of a volcano!  The possibilities are truly endless!!  And ds10 and I COULDN'T be having more fun.  :)  And isn't that how it's supposed to be??  :D