Friday, December 3, 2010

Handwriting fonts

Handwriting fonts are great for printing out your own handwriting practice sheets. For this purpose, I have researched handwriting fonts extensively - and the options are numerous. Following are the best free or cheap options, in a wide range of styles. Note: if a font is available in a lined or dotted variation, it will be displayed as such.

Print Clearly - Free - available in 3 variations here

Trace Font - Free - available here in this variation only

Jardotty - Free - available here in this variation only

AbcDN - Free - available in 6 variations here

JoinIt - $30 - 30 variations available as a complete package available here

AbcCursive - Free - 6 styles available here

Maternellecolor - Free - available in 5 variations available here, including a font of nothing but pre-writing shapes that are perfect for preschoolers

Spelling Bee - Free - available here in this variation only

And, for your reference, here is a collection of 20 fonts that are used by various handwriting workbook publishers and school systems. They are downloadable, for $50 EACH, which is a bit much. But what's useful about this page is comparing all the widely used options out there. Very handy if you're considering purchasing a handwriting workbook or curriculum.