Sunday, November 21, 2010

Housework and kid chores

Well, it may seem a little strange to begin my first post on a "homeschooling" blog by talking about housework... But the thing is, I've just spent a day and a half working on setting up this blog. And you all know what happens to the house when it's neglected for a day and a half. Oh, yes. It doesn't take long, does it?! *sigh* And since it's what I happen to be thinking of at the moment, my housework finding are what I will first share with you. Plus, I figure, part of homeschooling is the seemingly impossible task of juggling everyday home maintenance when so much of your time is taken up with your kiddos. So there. :)

I use the software program Let's Clean Up to keep track of my chores. I have an awful memory and attention span, and can't a) remember when I last did any of the hundred+ chores on my duty roster, b) remember how often they should be done, nor c) figure out which chores need my immediate attention in the visual noise of a messy home. The Lets Clean Up software relieves me of all of these burdens - I LOVE IT. Every morning I simply print out a list of what chores need to be done that day, check them off when they're done, and check the boxes on the software at the end of the day to update. Voila! - one less thing to have to think about in my already overactive mind! :D

There's also an ADORABLE program for kids that's quite similar, called My Reward Board. Delightfully fun interactive graphics let kids drag animated smiley faces onto their own little chore chart, which then whoop and holler with encouragement at each completed chore. Bonus features include the ability to earn points for chores and spend those points on "coupons" for things like special family outings and movie nights and such. Love it!! I'd say this program is good for preschool through probably 4th grade - it's quite versatile!

Both software programs are around $15 each and have a free trial period to see if they'll work for you.

Last but not least, I RECOMMEND HIRING A HOUSEKEEPER for a once-a-week helping hand. This was my gift to myself when I decided to take on the monstrous task of homeschooling, and one of the BEST DECISIONS I made! Do not, for a second, think that you "should" be capable of "doing it all". If you CAN, great! But if you can't, then you're not alone, and don't think of yourself as a failure for getting a helping hand. Think of it as just another "tool" or "resource" in your homeschool toolbox - something to make the job just a little more manageable.

...NOW... off to print my own chore list and get busy! zooooooooooooooooom....

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